CDMX 2018

Join us @ Intus for a 3-day workshop on touchdesigner

June 22-24, 2018

Screenshot 2018-05-15 10.04.50.png


Beginner Session highlights

  • Navigating the TouchDesigner development environment
  • Best practices for development and organization
  • Image manipulation and realtime post-process effects
  • Realtime rendering for 3D scenes
  • Procedural Geometry and creating generative worlds
  • Techniques for building user interfaces for interactive systems
  • Foundational principles for creating generative artwork
  • Experience projection mapping with TouchDesigner
  • An introduction to Python as a scripting language
Screenshot 2018-05-15 10.05.00.png


Intermediate Session highlights

  • What is Python and where does it fit within TouchDesigner

  • Speeding up iteration and design processes with Python
  • Working with the Animation COMP
    • Custom Curves
    • Animated Particles
    • Animated Instances
  • Using audio inputs to control and drive visuals
  • Posting images to Instagram from TouchDesigner
  • Best practices for using Python inside of TouchDesigner
Screenshot 2018-05-15 10.05.09.png


Advanced Session highlights

  • Advanced material controls for realtime rendering
  • Stunning visuals with physically-based rendering
  • GLSL and basic shader anatomy
  • Working with GLSL in 2D (fragment shaders)
  • Working with GLSL in 3D (vertex shaders)
  • Noise functions and generative art
    • Landscapes
    • Environments
  • Animating geometry with shaders
  • Adding functions to GLSL materials
  • Larger system architecture and organization
    • Working at scale
    • Working on teams
    • Using a Version Control System