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The Book of Shaders
2D Tutorials
2D Tutorials - TouchDesigner port by Matthew Ragan

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TDraymarchToolkit by hrtlacek

A raymarch Toolkit for TouchDesigner

TouchDesigner_Shared by DBraun

This repository contains TouchDesigner files that I've created and files that I've modified from the Derivative forums. I'll accept pull requests and bug reports. Please note the GNU General Public License v3.0.

PhaserCHOP by DBraun

Browse the examples from David Braun's "Quantitative Easing" Talk at the 2019 TouchDesigner summit.

λDesigner by ulyssesp

A type-safe EDSL for TouchDesigner written in Haskell. Instead of connecting nodes by hand, use the power of algebraic data types to program TouchDesigner projects in Haskell.

wiimoteCHOP-cleanbase by lachose1

As we all know, TouchDesigner is a very powerful tool for interactive/media art. I consider it as a central hub to control many inputs and dispatch interactive content to many outputs. However, there will come a time where you will probably need to implement a new tool or detector that insn't natively supported in TouchDesigner and this is why being able to use the powerful C++ Custom OPs is a must. Today, we only have 3:30 which means we will only have the time to focus and go in-depth on the custom CHOP subject, but using the workflow I will present you today, you should be able to understand most of the other OPs by yourself.


Palette by TouchDesigner

Repository for the Palette

GenerativeDesign by TouchDesigner

This is a collection of examples from the book Generative Design converted to TouchDesigner.

tensorflow_top by mwalczyk

A highly experimental TensorFlow plugin for TouchDesigner.

calibration_protocol by the-interaction-department

🏁 An implementation of Multi-Projectors for Arbitrary Surfaces Without Explicit Calibration Nor Reconstruction by Tardif and Roy in TouchDesigner and Python.

td-scope by kamindustries

td-scope is a flexible oscilloscope for TouchDesigner. It works in a similar way to a real oscilloscope: a trigger and slope direction tell the system what part of the signal to track. In this example, the sample's index that meets this trigger condition is passed to a vertex shader which shifts the whole graph to align it for rendering.

touchFluid by kamindustries

touchFluid is a lightweight 2d Semi-Lagrangian fluid solver for TouchDesigner. It features vorticity confinement, temperature, buoyancy, and obstacles.


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